SQL Database Trapped In Recovery Mode

RDMS or Relational Database Management System mainly consists of peculiar relational models and SQL Server is one of them type. Due to the popularity of RDMS, the SQL Server became the prominent choice for the storage of information by creating and maintaining database securely related to financial records, manufacturing and logistical information, personnel data, and much more. The users of the SQL Server database generally make use of SQL queries or SQL Server Management Studio to interact and manage database on it. They also creates backup, either Full backup or Differential backup of the SQL database MDF file which is very helpful at the time of crises. But somebody says that there is no particular time define for crises or trouble, it can be occur any time, in short you can say corruption.

Unintentionally dropped SQL table and other components bring database to a restore state. At certain state you tried to restore it from backup but it gets failed and still showing you that SQL database recovery in pending state. This is just because of missing log files or log file is not restored.

Hence inducing an error call SQL server error 4333 which makes inaccessible the SQL database.

The message displayed by this SQL error 4333 is given below:

Msg 4333, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
The database cannot be recovered because the log was not restored.
Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

SQL Database Recovery Pending State Affection

The rise of this Recovery Mode discrepancy is suddenly occurs when SQL users start the SQL Server database. Typically it shows SQL server database in recovery mode and also creates inaccessibility by which users cannot perform any task on it. The database in recovery mode signifies that table space or table space partition is broken and must be recovered.

So in this segment we were discussing about the reasons which are responsible and take the SQL database crucial files in recovery status which states only three words i.e. "Recovery in pending".

  • The insufficient memory space on disk.
  • Doesn't take current log file backup with MDF file.
  • May be hardware problem like malfunctioning of hard disk because of bad sectors and part that got damaged.
  • Intruders or attacks of harmful species like virus, Trojans etc. causes' serious infection on it.
  • And the last but most important that the restoring from corrupt backup of the SQL database.

Important Measures

Above mentioned reasons are very generic and can be happen at any time but you can get rid from SQL database in recovery mode issues by trying below given solutions.

  • Run the RECOVER utility on the affected object.
  • Recover the table space partition.
  • Checkout the error in Windows Error log.
  • Run DBCCCHECKDB command or try REBUILD and REPAIR option if found any error in Windows Error log.
  • Check the hard disk by running chkdsk.

Better Way to Resolve SQL Server in Recovery Mode

Sometimes the level of corruption reaches to its peak value where the recovery options which are preferred by SQL Server causes vulnerable effects and also result in loss of data. So at this point of vulnerability and uncertainty the use of third party software is more advantageous to repair SQL database file. Tool rapidly and abruptly scan the corrupt SQL MDF file of any of the SQL server version and export it directly to the SQL server. It works on all the Windows Operating system with simplicity.

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