Resolving Microsoft SQL Error 1067

SQL stands for Structured Query Language; an encoding or programming language developed for SQL Server data management. This language is designed via advance algorithms and relational algebra that SQL Server understands and in return delivers associated output. In case of application crash down, SQL server service error 1067 appears on server screen signifying that the program has stopped working and needs to be fixed.

Causes Behind SQL Server Error 1067

The error message corresponding to this error appears similar to:

"An Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly"

This error takes place due to many reasons and some of these are:

  • Improper configuration of the program.
  • If the program occupies more memory than assigned.
  • If the system files utilized by the SQL Server have become corrupted.
  • If the files associated to the program are deleted (intentionally or accidentally).
  • If the user entered inappropriate license information that might result in collapse of application.

The above said factors might leads to sudden termination of application without any prior notification. Since, the error message does not present much information about the cause or resolution methods, so the event log for the SQL server can be referred to know more about the SQL error 1067.

Analyze Event Log: The source location and the name for the log files depending upon the application version. In most SQL Server versions, the default location for saving the log files is the program installation directory where these files are saved as INI or TXT files.

The log files can be opened and accessed with the help of text editor (like Notepad) and this will allow you to detect the accurate cause behind the crash of application. Knowing the exact cause will help in implementing appropriate actions to rectify the MS SQL server error 1067.

Modify Server Settings: Create local "Domain Account" or "Windows Account" with administrative privileges on the machine. Change the "MSSQLServer" service account with new account by using "SQL Server Configuration Manager" services. Further launch MS SQL Server to analyze if the existing issue has been resolved or not.

Reinstall SQL Server: Uninstalling the application and then reinstalling it might help in rectifying the Microsoft SQL error 1067 issue. Before removing the application, make sure that all the existing database tables and associated components are backed up so that the un-installation process must not put any adverse effects on the incorporated data or ongoing activities.

While reinstalling the application make sure that the settings are provided accurately and the backup files are restored in an appropriate manner.

Alternate Solution For Rectifying Error

Apart from above stated resolutions, another method to eradicate Microsoft SQL server agent service error 1067 is SQL recovery software. This is a third party solution that helps recovering database components from all sorts of corruption issue as well as removing error messages from databases. When the manual recovery techniques such as database restoration or executing Database Console Commands fails to deal with corruption, the persisting error along with other major errors can be removed with the help of this tool. It also helps in extracting deleted data from SQL MDF and NDF database files.

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