Microsoft SQL Server Error Code 2519

SQL Server is the one of the most used and preferable database management system. One of the most powerful functionality of this server is to reliably manage critical info of large organizations in a very convenient manner. SQL Server offers so many useful features for enterprises like use of file groups. This important aspect is basically utilized to group database for providing better allocation and database administration.

SQL Error 2519: Filegroup feature help in assigning indexes, images, tables, text data from specific table to the particular file group. However, sometimes, SQL Server shows invalid state of specific filegroup. Resultantly, it leads to the failure of table to check. This situation shows the server table damage. During any type of table damage, the best option is to restore data from the available and valid backup data. In case, you do not possess with backup data then think for other alternate solutions to fix SQL table damage. Error message that poses issue is as follows:

SQL error 2519: Unable to process table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid

SQL error 2522: Unable to process index I_NAME of table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid.

Reason For Error Code 2519

The main reason behind this error message is that the table index is marked as existing in specific filegroup. However, the table index is missing from the filegroup. This makes database inconsistent.

Solution For This Problem

Whenever SQL server error 2519 occurs, make sure that you first check the hardware components. In this regard, investigate the System, Windows, Application, and SQL Server logs carefully and look for solution according to that. If the problem fails to come to an end, then you need to execute DBCC CHECKTABLE command to know the limit of database corruption and repair clause. After you find the repair clause, run the same command with recommended repair clause. Unfortunately, this may cause loss to data.

Resolve SQL Error 2519 with Perfect Utility

If you do not want to come across error code 2519 again then get an external source to repair SQL database file. With scanning and fast recovery process, you come to the stage where you can again begin working with SQL database. The self-descriptive interface will be helpful to understand tool's functionality completely.

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