Microsoft SQL Server Error Code 3417

MS SQL Server is considered as one of the most reliable server environment; hence it is widely setup in both small and big established organizations across the world. All the data are stored in a database in the form of MDF and NDF files. Though, the chances of corruption or the frequency of discrepancy that occurs in primary and secondary database files are low but not inevitable. Sometimes due to many reasons, the primary and secondary database containing user's data get affected, it makes both the MDF and NDF files inaccessible and results in error. One of the errors encountered with SQL Server DB is SQL error 3417. Let us further learn about this SQL error.

MS SQL Server error code 3417 is one of the common errors met with while accessing SQL database. Its runtime message displays:

'Windows could not start the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service on local computer error 3417. For more information review the System Event Log.'

Why SQL Server Error 3417 Happens?

The reason behind getting this error may be as follows:

  • One cause may be due to the Network account for the Data folder in Program files.
  • The other reason may be because of some Windows settings changed somehow.

Example: If for some reasons you have moved this folder (Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL) to another location then returned it to the same location. So, though it was returned to the same location the server may stop working and show error code 3417 when trying to start it again.

How To Fix SQL Error 3417

  • Go to "C:Program Files Microsoft SQLServerMSSQL.1MSSqLData"
  • Security/Permission settings
  • Network Service Account
  • Add a Network Service account
  • Then again check all

The method discussed below can be tried to fix Windows could not start the SQL Server error 3417.

Note - It should be confirmed that the MDF file is not compressed and if so; uncheck 'Compress contents to save disk space' from the Advanced Attributes of the file properties.

Apt Remedy for MS SQL Server Error Code 3417

If the above mentioned manual solutions to fix the error do not work, then it might be that the database may have got corrupt. In such cases to prevent the work from being hampered it gets essential to make use of any third party solution that has the capability to curb all corruption issues that includes the ability to remove SQL error 3417. A professional tool called SQL Recovery is one such tool that is known to fix SQL Server database. After recovering the software even export the primary and secondary files into the database.

Final Words

In this article, We have discussed the About SQL Server Error 3417. To resolve the problem issue we have given its manual as well as its automated solution. The user can try its manual solution but in case if your database is still inacessible then the user can take the help of automated solution to resolve this issue.

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