Causes And Solutions of SQL Error 3624?

SQL Server is highly authentic application and this has brought it up in many mid-scale organizations. This application is used worldwide for its prominent database management through creation of tables, stored procedures, queries execution, data retrieval, records deletion, maintenance of transaction log etc. When SQL Server encounters any problem, it writes an error message in SQL Server error log or a message is sent to the client. SQL server error 3624 is one amongst such errors which is usually faced by many users where database is marked as SUSPECT.

Why SQL Error Code 3624 Occurs?

This error is basically caused due to bulk insertion in the MS SQL Server which consequently corrupts the transaction log file of that particular database. Ultimately the database is marked as SUSPECT.

This SQL error 3624 issue can be a consequence of following situations;

Case 1: If a table has a non-clustered index.

Case 2: A TABLOCK query hint is used.

Case 3: Prior bulk insertion, table was not truncated.

Does This Error Means Data Loss?

Not directly but yes there is slight chances of data loss if this error has occurred. SQL server also has database management strategy of mirroring the database to avoid any loss. If you are using Full Recovery Model then you too must be using this strategy which creates exact replica of database. These two copies are maintained on different server instances of SQL server database engine, one is on principle and another is on mirror server. This error directly affects the mirroring of the database and thus has a risk of data loss as the mirror database is suspended and the data completely stored in the principal database only.

How Can SQL Error 3624 Be Resolved?

In case you want to sync the mirror database again you can follow the below mentioned work-around:

  • Break mirror database from Principal server.
  • Backup the data of mirrored database and Transactional Log.
  • Restore both of these data and log Full Backup on the Mirror Server.
  • Re-setup the mirroring strategy for further syncing.
  • Re-setup mirroring between principal and mirror server.

The above mentioned method will start the synchronization again between mirror and principle database.

As mentioned above the original database might also be flagged as SUSPECT because of Microsoft SQL server error 3624. It is also possible that due to corruption in transaction log file some other issues might generate in the SQL database. For such issues or other corruption reasons you will have to go for a professional third party tool like MDF recovery software which is capable to sort out all type of error generating issues and recovers data from SQL files. It is also capable to recover data from SUSPECT mode.

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