Guidelines Towards Rectifying SQL Error 3864

SQL server error 3864 occurs due to possible schema corruption in SQL database table. Though, this error is a bit unique, it requires analyzing the error message carefully to get an idea about the root cause behind its existence. The situation might lead to discontinuation of specified operations on particular database components.

Could not find an entry for index with ID %d on object with ID %d in database with ID %d. Possible schema corruption. Run DBCC CHECKDB.

There is no such straightforward resolution procedure available to get rid of the possible schema corruption error. Therefore, some basic workaround methods can be implemented to rectify the error message.

Suggested Workaround Procedures

Resolution #1: Analyzing Error Logs:

The root cause for SQL error 3864 can be determined by reading the SQL error logs as well as Windows application logs. Here, the question is how to read and analyze error information from these logs?

Viewing SQL Server Logs:

SQL server error logs can be accessed using SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

  • Expand server group and further expand server.
  • Next, expand Management and afterwards expand the SQL server logs.
  • Click on the recent logs to view them. In the details pane, the information associated to the error will appear.

Viewing Windows Application Logs:

Follow the steps mentioned herein to analyze the application logs.

Note: The procedure mentioned herein applies to Windows 7 and might differ in other versions of the respective Operating Systems.

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Type Event in the search-box.
  • Event Viewer window will appear.
  • Click on the Windows Logs link to expand it.
  • Next, click on the Application.
  • All the errors and activities will be displayed in the middle pane of the Event Viewer window.
  • Double click on error to access the detailed description on the same.

Resolution # 2: Backup Restoration:

SQL server error 3864 might leads to inaccessibility or corruption of the database component(s). These components can be restored back to their original locations, if full clean backup is available.

The following procedure can be executed to restore the database items in SQL Server.

  • Connect to the instance of MS SQL server database engine and further click on server name for expanding the server tree.
  • Next execute either of the following options:
    • Expand the Databases and select User Database; or
    • Expand System Database and further select System Database.
  • Right click on the selected database and then click on the Tasks; then Restore; and finally select Database.
  • Restore Database window message-box will appear.
  • On General page; specify the original source as well as destination location for the appropriate backup set by using the Source section.
  • Next, select either of the under mentioned options:
    • Database: Backup restoration task will be done through databases that are backed up as per details mentioned in MSDB backup history.
    • Device: Click on the Browse button and Select backup device box will appear. Further, provide appropriate options to restore backup thorough multiple backup devices.
  • Under Destination section, the name of the database that needs to be restored will appear automatically. This can be altered as per requirements.
  • Provide appropriate setting to the Restore to and Backup sets to restore boxes.
  • Advance settings can also be applied by providing appropriate options to the existing boxes.
  • At last, click on OK button.

Resolution #3: Execute Database Consistency Check:

To rectify SQL error 3864, Database Console Commands can also be implemented. DBCC will check the logical and physical consistency among existing database components. Initially, execute DBCC CHECKDB without any repair clause.

It will recommend and display the appropriate clause that might help bringing SQL database or the affected components to the normal mode. Afterwards, try running DBCC with the suggested repair clause for eliminating SQL server schema corruption error 3864.

Alternatively, try SQL repair utility to rectify corruption or data loss issues that arises as an aftermath of the above mentioned error message.

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