SQL Server Error 7105: Reasons and Solutions

Uninterrupted operability of SQL Server is based on the severity level of error is encountered on it. SQL fatal error 7105 commonly occurs in SQL Server version 2005 and 2008 with the severity level 22. There are various severity levels set for each error that happen to take place on the server and the severity level from 20 to 25 is so extremely fatal, they end up terminating connection to the server. Similarly, the SQL error 7105 falls under the fatal group of error and server connectivity lost makes the situation even worse.

Why SQL Server Fatal Error 7105 Happens?

When executing a query on the server it may come across Msg 7105 as a result of the inaccessibility of LOB (Large Object) data which was referenced by the page row of a database. The complete error may look like the following:

Msg 7105, Level 22, State 6, Line 1
Database ID 11, Page (255:177), slot 1 for LOB data type node doesn't exist. This usually is caused by the transactions that can read uncommitted data on a data page. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE.

NOTE: The severity level is clearly mentioned as 22 which results in the termination of connection by the server.

Grounds Of Fatal Error 7105 In SQL Server

When this error takes place in SQL Server, it happens due to any of the three grounds discussed below:

  • Primary: Issue related to database corruption lies within LOB page structures or a database page.
  • Secondary: The query in which failure is being encountered is probably using NOLOCK or READ UNCOMMITTED ISOLATION LEVEL query hint.
  • Other: Probably the error is lying within your SQL Server Engine leading to the failure of query with the discussed error.

Some Practicable Workarounds

The most common reason for the occurrence of SQL Server error 7105 is due to the database corruption within page structure or database page. The severity level of this error i.e. 22 denotes table consistency suspicion.

Hence, the following workarounds are suggested as a solution for the respective error:

  • Run DBCC CHECKDB on the server.
  • Or run DBCC CHECKTABLE on the respective database table as stated in the error message.
  • If the issue is anyhow related to the server engine then update SQL Server with the latest available service pack.

TIP: For other database consistency issue you can also go for restoration through its most recent backup copy available with you.

The command DBCC CHECKDB / CHECKTABLE will report the error and its issue may not be resolved by these command, depending on the intensity. Adding syntax like; repair_allow_data_loss can be use but it may lead to other losses. However, third party tool can easlily recover SQL database and to fix SQL Server warning fatal error 7105.

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