How To Tackle SQL Error 7934?

SQL Server plays an important role in managing data. It saves data in MDF file which is the master data file. To access the data of SQL Server you need to access this MDF file. Along with the greater efficiency of the data, SQL server also have greater risks of corruption and mishandling. SQL Server is not very easy to handle and that is why mistakes happen and this leads to corruption. SQL error 7934 is one of such error which is thrown when any table is missing.

Why SQL Server Error 7934 Is Flashed?

Sometimes when user tries to find the table it shows the error:

Server: Msg 7934, Level 16, State 1
Table error: The Filestream directory ID F_ID for object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, partition ID PN_ID was not found.
"The table '%.*ls' has no indexes"

The very basic reason for this error message is the missing index from the respective table of SQL Server MDF file. In case Server is unable to detect the index it can cause the table to be prompted as missing. It can be caused due to self-deletion or accidental deletion. One more case which is possible for same scenario is indexes might get corrupted and thus it might throw SQL error 7934.

Primary Remedies For Error

  • You can try to run hardware diagnostics to check whether the error was caused by any hardware issue.
  • You can also check for application logs and SQL Server error logs to diminish such issues.
  • Try to restore the backup of SQL database from which the table is missing.

DBCC CHECKDB Is Not For Error 7934

The bitterest factor of this error message is DBCC CHECKDB error check will not work for SQL Server error 7934. This is because these commands check for data through indexes and since these indexes are missing, so it is not feasible to use these commands.

In such situation it is recommended to use professional software like SQL recovery which can easily recover MDF file and fix SQL error 7934. This tool also works for NDF files and provides a complete recovery of tables, triggers, stored procedures etc.

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