SQL Error 8932 – Reason & Its Resolution

Even though Microsoft SQL Server is one of the highly acclaimed server environments setup in many organization, but it is not immune to corruption factors. Till date many errors have been encountered with the database of all SQL editions while accessing its MDF and NDF file. Each error is recognized by a number as well as its severity level is also determined by a number. Moreover, each SQL error has a unique message that describes the error and sometimes the description even suggests a resolution to fix it. One of the many errors is SQL Server error 8932.

Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, column 'COLUMN'. The column ID COL_ID is not valid for this table. The valid range is from 1 to MAX_COL_ID.

Explanation - It is a fatal error and it occurs in system table. It is because the checks cannot be continued if metadata gets damaged. Its occurrence shows that metadata of a table holds a column ID which is bigger than the largest column ID ever used in the concerned table.

Actions To Fix SQL Server Error 8932

Discrepancy in the database files of Server environment is not a small problem. The reason is that the database is a store of information. Even a small corruption can make SQL Server database inaccessible. This puts a break in the continuity of work in establishments. Thus database administrators should have the knowledge to fix the errors to retrieve data. The several steps that can be taken to repair MDF and secondary NDF file of SQL database in case SQL error 8932 pops up are explained below as the problem cannot be eradicated automatically.

  • Resolve Hardware Factors – As a first step for mechanical repairs, Hardware diagnostics should be executed to fix the problems. Windows new technology system, application logs as well as server error log should be examined to check if the error prompted as a result of failure in hardware components. If data corruption problem occurs due to hardware issue then the hardware parts of the system should be replaced so as to keep errors at bay. It should also be checked that the PC does not have write caching enabled on disk controller and if so, hardware vendor should be contacted-to. If required, complete system should be replaced with formatted drives and new OS.
  • Restoring Backup – If the issue is not related to hardware then the backup of the SQL database (if made), can definitely be restored. However, exact steps for restoration should be followed.
  • Use of In-built DBCC CHECKDB Utility - If clean backup is not available; DBCC CHECKDB can be run with repair clause to repair corrupted file. Without appropriate clause only the degree of corruption can be determined.

Note - DBCC CHECKDB with a repair clause may leave unwanted impact on stored data. Therefore, administrators should contact support provider before executing this command.

If none of the above mentioned methods helps to fix SQL Server error 8932, then finally any suitable external tool should be used to restart proper functioning of the server.

Alternate Solution To Fix The Errors

An external software application called SQL MDF file recovery software is known to resolve corruption issues of any severity level as a result of which data stored within database gets accessible. The tool can also recover Triggers, Rules, Tables, and Stored Procedures etc.

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