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For the breakthrough performance, manageability and availability of the mission critical applications most of the database management user’s prefer SQL Server. SQL Server is a relational database management application mostly used as analysis system and database management system for data warehousing, e- commerce purpose. Nevertheless aside of its excelling success, the application is not completely immune to corruption. In SQL database corruption occurs when primary or secondary files of the database get inaccessible due to damage and show a error message. Error 8940 is similar error which occurs when corruption occurs in the SQL database. SQL error 8940 will be displayed when inaccurate alignment problem occurs and will look alike the below mentioned statement:

“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID. Test (TEST) failed. Address 0xADDRESS is not aligned.”

Explanation: - 4-byte alignment is not there in structure at address ADDRESS

Reasons for Occurrence

Error code 8940 is occurred due to damage in the database file or can say because of corruption of data. But there are some specific reasons which lead to data corruption that leads to the occurrence of this error. As to acknowldge specific reason of the error occurrence there are 2 states in which error occurs that are state 9 and state 102.

STATE 9:- With state 9 Error 8940 occurs due to inaccurate alignment of free space offset.

  • TEST refers to 'IsAligned (m_freeData)'
  • ADDRESS refers to Continuing free space offset ('m_freeData')

STATE 102:- With state 102 Error 8940 occurs due to inaccurate page alignment.

  • TEST refers to ‘IsAligned (sorted[i].offset)'.
  • ADDRESS refers to record offset on the page.

Manual Recovery Solutions

Recovery from the error is a crucial and important. Some manual solutions to recover from SQL Server error 8940 are mentioned below.

Identify Hardware Issues:- User can run Hardware Diagnose to identify whether the hardware issues are behind the occurrence of the error or not. User can also swap the hardware components if the issue occurs due to hardware or can go for reinstallation of OS and disk reformatting. Switching to new hardware system is also being an option in this case.

Restore From Backup:- User can also go for backup restoration if he/she has a maintained or updated backup of the data.

DBCC CHECKDB Command:-User can also go for DBCC CHECKDB utility of SQL with proper repair clause.

NOTE:- In DBCC CHECKDB command the repair depends on type of page, so may cause data loss.

Alternate and a Convinced Solution for Recovery

As mentioned DBCC CHECKDB command may leads to the data loss, although recovery from backup is a confident solution. Sometimes for saving time or accidently user may not have a maintained backup of the data or backup is also corrupted so this can create a problem. In these cases third party tools are the sure and best alternative. User can go for alternate solution to recover MDF file which surely act as savior in these catastrophic situations.

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