MS SQL Server Error 926 & 945

Implementation of memory allocation and their storage requirements which are responsible for management is totally different to the disk space. You may notice it when you migrate or change the location of SQL database tables. The space occupied by each tables exceeds its storage limit which may be less or greater than 8 KB. As you know that each tables data stored in a page whose maximum storage limit is 8 KB. Hence page is a basic unit of SQL Server database, it has been a point of concern that many SQL users tried to use, because as they have observed free space. But sometimes, disproportionate storage consumed by memory optimized tables causes exceptional error like SQL Error 926 as well as SQL Error 945.

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How it Appear?

Let's discuss how these error lead to inconsistencies in SQL database and affect database files. Some factors plays major role in the distortion of the SQL MDF database file like hardware malfunctioning and most responsible factor of Microsoft SQL Server error code 945 is lack of disk space. But if you tried to resolve it by DBCC CHECKDB command, you may be trapped in trouble or lead your SQL Server database in suspect mode, simply inviting the another error i.e. Microsoft SQL Server error 926 suspect.

SQL Error 926
Severity Level 14
Message Text
Database '%.*ls' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery. See the SQL Server errorlog for more information.

SQL Error 945
Severity Level 16
Message Text
Database '%.*ls' cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space. See the SQL Server errorlog for details.

Errors Clarification

SQL error code 926 occurs when the database files are marked as suspect due to failed recovery process which brings it to a consistent transactional state.

Some of the operations that causes SQL Server error 926:

  • Improperly attached a database into SQL Server.
  • By using the RESTORE database or RESTORE LOG procedures

SQL Server error 945 appears when the database is marked as IsShutdown. Due to missing files, or some other resource error the SQL database cannot be recovered hence induced error code 945.

Action required

  • Check out the SQL Server error log and determine the reasons why recovery failed.
  • If it is because of a persistent I/O error related to Application Programming Interface, a torn page, or other hardware issues then resolved it by restoring the database from backup.
  • But if there is no availability of backups then try DBCC CHECKDB repair option.

A Highly Desirable Solution

If you get failed to fix MS SQL Server error 926 and 945 by using the above mentioned methods then in such cases we recommend you to use SQL database recovery tool which is a relevant and perfect solution for this kind of disastrous situation. This will help the user to repair the corrupted SQL database. And also allows the user to recover inaccessible SQL database objects. This software is compatible With Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and its below versions.

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