SQL Backup Restore Error 3154

When users try to restore SQL database from its backup sometimes errors are displayed like:

This MS SQL Server error 3154 can make you think that your SQL database has been lost forever as the only hope left to fetch back the lost database was this backup and now this backup file is showing error too.

Reason Behind SQL Restore Database Error 3154

However the error itself will tell you what wrong has happened with your backup database but sometimes knowing root cause is not enough to overcome the issue. When we analyze the cause for the error, it becomes clear that the name of database to which you want to restore this backup set and the database of which backup is, are same. But the only difference is CREATE DATABSE statement between both databases. This means that the only similarity is of name, however the databases are completely different from each other. Other probable reasons can be:

  • For log shipping multiple databases were configured.
  • Transaction logs for databases were backed up to same folder.
  • The only difference between the databases names is "_tlog". For example, xyz_test and xyz_test_tlog.

Operation To Fix SQL Server Error 3154

  • Try to restore the backup set to a different SQL database with a different name. But before doing this make sure that files which will be created do not exists already and is not being used by any other database.
  • You can also overwrite the already existing database through RESTORE DATABASE command using WITH REPLACE clause. You can use below mentioned command in T-SQL.


If the backup is still not restorable then it is confirmed that the severity of Microsoft SQL Server error code 3154 is major. Moreover the above mentioned technique is no doubt easy but is only for the programmers. In case you are not a tech savvy personal or the above mentioned method is not working for you then you should opt a professional help to resolve the SQL backup error and restore the database without any error messages.

To fix SQL error 3154 or any other corruption you can opt SQL BAK recovery software so that without any errors and need for programming you can restore the SQL database from backup file.

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