SQL Server Page Level Corruption

As you know that the Page is the elementary unit of the SQL Server and it stores SQL database files in the form of sequential pages. SQL Server databases have 128 pages per megabyte and the size of each page consists of 8 KB of storage. Memory allocated to SQL files whether it is MDF or NDF file is partitioned into 0 to n number of pages. So the task related to Input and output executed at page level.

Whenever SQL Server performs its read and writes operation on database we think that data files are safe but unfortunately due to some corruption issues disk got fails and become Torn Page.

For instance SQL Server write 3 kb of the 8kb page to disk and suddenly the failure occurs then in this situation page will have 3 kb of the new data and 5 kb of old data. It means there is a loss of 5KB of data which is worse. The linkage between this page and others may be corrupted and many other pages may be unreachable.

Why SQL Server Error 823 Occurs?

SQL Server Page level corruption is such a realistic situation that can occurs through various reasons like hardware failure, malfunctioning of hard disk, not proper establishing network connection, suspicious attacks of virus and the storing data files out of declared limit. These are all the sources of SQL Server error 823 which occur while accessing SQL database and create distortion in it.

Previously defined reasons are valid for SQL Server page level corruption. Gradually SQL Server executes its I/O operations through Windows Application Programming Interface. Server checks each API and if the result of this check is found inconsistent then it immediately report an error. Here you can see the MSG like:-

2014-05-01 22:41:19.55 spid58 Error: 823, Severity: 24, State: 2.

SQL Error 832

How To Deal With Trusted Solution?

Basically there are many solutions are available but if you go with DBCC CHECKDB to fix the error then you may need to deal with trouble. Sometimes the result generated by DBCC CHECKDB is undesirable because it main job is to check out the physical and logical consistencies of the page and its index and may cause loss data also. Therefore the perfect and better treatment for SQL Server page level corruption is SQL database recovery tool which resembles you to repair and recover corrupt SQL database as well as export directly to the SQL Server. Try its fascinating features that make it handy to use.

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