SQL Recovery

SQL Recovery Software

SQL recovery software is designed for 100% recovery of SQL database and repair all the elements of primary and secondary database file.

  • Recover both MDF and NDF file
  • Repair tables, views, keys etc
  • Recover deleted database tables

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SQL Backup Recovery

SQL Backup Recovery Software

SQL backup recovery software will easily remove errors and corruption from your database backup & restore your SQL BAK file in SQL Server.

  • Repair corrupt SQL backup file
  • Support full and differential backup
  • Preview repaired backup file items

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SQL Log Analyzer

SQL Log Analyzer

SQL log analyzer is an outstanding solution for analysis of transaction log details like insert, update and delete etc. Users can get all the transaction data of SQL tables.

  • Analyze & View LDF file data
  • Preview transaction, time, table name etc.
  • Export data in three different ways

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SQL Decryptor

SQL Decryptor Software

SQL decryptor software is an advanced application to remove encryption from SQL Server database elements like triggers, stored procedures, functions, views etc.

  • Remove encryption from SQL database
  • Support all the latest versions of SQL Server
  • Decrypt SQL data file of any size

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SQL Password Recovery

SQL Password Recovery Software

SQL password recovery software is developed to recover lost password of SQL Server SA & User database. Get access to the database as soon as the process is over.

  • Reset both SA and User password
  • Recover SQL Server password of any length
  • Reset multiple users passwords

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