How To Tackle SQL "Alter Table Corruption Error"?

In SQL Server "Alter" means to add columns and rows in SQL database tables so that you can add more data in it. But due to some harmful effects of vulnerability when you tried to run T-SQL command Alter table to change a column values from not null to null, the output which you get may be different than expected result. The major reason for the occurrence of this problem is only if the column is a clustered index key in the SQL Server database.

While performing any changes in SQL table, this error can knock your door that further creates distinct problems. The text message for error that comes during Alter Table operation may be different but, it can annoy any user, no matter which version of SQL Server is used over there.

Severity Level 16
Message Text
Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID. The high key value on page P_ID1 (level LEVEL) is not less than the low key value in the parent P_ID2, slot S_ID of the next page P_ID3

Explanation Of Alter Table Corruption

  • Invoke rows that have colums not null but you still receive null coloums records.
  • SQL database is in suspect state or you can say in deadlock condition.
  • When B-tree value of all the pages in SQL Server databases gets altered for all the nodes or for few nodes and the expected node value will not be available then, number of records for the pages and associated tables will be distracted.
  • If the defined order of page id for parent nodes and children nodes is not same as order of internal page number is distracted. It means positioning of nodes is distracted and distinguished due to which Alter Table corruption is discovered.

Causes Behind Occurrence Of This Error

  • The first cause due to which this issue can come around is hardware problem, any concerned problem of hardware corruption may make any damage into table tree structure. If you find any failure of hardware due to which problem occurs in SQL Server and its databases then, swapping hardware due to which the problem comes around will be better idea.
  • In case the system disk controller enabled with Write Caching then, this may be a suspected cause due to which SQL Table failure can take place.
  • Altogether if it is all about due to hardware concern then better to switch for a new hardware composition. As well as operating system re-installation and reformatting of disk drives should also perform.

Manual Ways To Resolve Alter Table Corruption Error

  • Database Recovery from Valid Backup: If you have clean backup of database then, you should restore SQL server database from backup file.
  • Use DBCC CHECKDB: If you are not able to restore database as you do not have valid backup then, you should go for DBCC CHECKDB to get assistance towards database repair.

Note: While running DBCC CHECKDB command you may receive error like SQL error 8934, 8933 which are responsible for spoiling of corruption in SQL database. Like:-

sql error 8934

If you do not find these solutions relevant enough to deal with Alter Table Corruption concern then, you need to get an external application dedicated towards recovery of SQL databases.

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