Discard Microsoft SQL Error Code 5220

MS SQL Server is one of the most widely used Relational Database Management System which provides a secure server environment for both small and large scale organizations. It is considered to be a reliable environment used to store and retrieval of the database. Though authentic in nature the database is not immune to damage. When the SQL Server MDF files get corrupted, various error message prompts up leading to inaccessibility of database and one such error is SQL error 5220. When this error is encountered, the database gets inaccessible which is a huge setback for the organization as a result the whole information gets lost.

Generated Message:-

"SQL Server Error – 5220: Database error: PAGE_TYPE page P_ID for database 'NAME' (database ID DB_ID) is invalid. This error cannot be repaired. You must restore from backup".

What Does MS SQL Error 5220 Signifies?

A message number uniquely identifies each error message and the text of the error describes the problem. The SQL server error 5220 message signifies that the database of the server is damaged. The data in the MDF files will have to be restored from backup file but the main issue occurs when one of the below mentioned problems arise:

  • Backup is not present – It can be that backup of the SQL MDF files has not been taken by the server administrator of the organization.
  • Backup files corrupted – The other situation can be that SQL backup files have been damaged due to corruption issues.
  • Recovery from backup failed – The recovery process of data from SQL backup may fail due to incorrect process or improper handling of backup files.

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft SQL Server Error 5220?

Some SQL errors are self explanatory and can be fixed easily, such as 'Invalid object name.' Unfortunately, the text of the error message 5220 does not tell how to solve or work around the problem if restore from backup is unsuccessful. Other errors are harder to fix, especially those who are new to SQL Server. Hence, it is the intent of this blog to assist administrators in dealing with SQL Server error messages.

The manual built-in utility of SQL Server called 'DBCC CHECKDB' is not applicable for resolving the SQL Server error 5220. Therefore, when a valid backup of the database is not available, third party tool can be used to recover MDF file from the damaged state and regain access to valuable information. The software has an additional feature that it auto detects the SQL version and recovers even deleted SQL file data by advance scan option.

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