How To Eject SQL Error 2533

SQL Server error 2533 indicate that the page headers of SQL Server database table are corrupt. This error message is encountered when SQL Server determines unmatched values from page headers of SQL database and unable to access desired information from those tables.

Msg 2533,Severity Level 16
Message Text
Table error: Page P_ID allocated to object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID was not seen. Page may be invalid or have incorrect object ID information in its header.

How It Originates

Usually, this error occurs when a page is allocated to the Unit ID but SQL Server fails to find respective allocation unit ID in page header of database. Due to which page header starts displaying invalid index ID indicating corruption of pages in SQL database. The main reason behind occurrence of this error message is hardware malfunctioning.

Resolution for SQL Server Error 2533

To fix SQL error 2533 users have to primarily check and repair hardware issues. Timely run Hardware diagnostics and try to fix the problem. In addition, looking for Windows system and application logs at the same time may prove to be helpful in fixing this error. If you have suffered data corruption problems since long time than better option is to exchange your hardware components to fix this problem. Make sure that your system does not enable write-caching option on disk controller. If write-caching is a cause of issue then contact hardware vendor to resolve the problem.

If the problem is not related with hardware components then surely you need backup copies to restore SQL Server database. In case if users don't have secure backup then alternate way is to run command line.

Users have to run DBCC CHECKDB via commands so that extent of corruption can be measured. DBCC CHECKDB command will suggest a REPAIR clause to be implemented on database to fix the SQL error 2533.

If above mentioned command lines fails to fix the error then better is to contact your primary support provider to fix this issue. Those running DBCC CHECKDB with REPAIR clause must be aware of the fact that REPAIR will de-allocate the database page.

External Approach To Fix Error 2533

If all above methods fails to fix SQL Server error 2533, then you need the help of professional. Therefore, here is SQL Server database recovery to repair and extract data out of inaccessible MDF files. The tool carries self-descriptive steps to carry out recovery even for novice user. In addition, users can recover all database objects like tables, triggers and other user defined schema and functionalities.

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