SQL Error 2574 – Reasons And Solutions

Severity Level: 10
Message Text: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID: Page P_ID is empty. This is not permitted at level LEVEL of the B-tree.

SQL errors are not rare for SQL users as there is not any alert or alarm for the same. To understand why SQL server error 2574 comes and how to cope up with it, it is required to check out underneath given sections.

When Error 2574 Comes?

The B-tree structure of the database is diminished just because of trying to access the page above the defined leaf level that is actually not used for designing that tree.

Diagnostics Actions

  • Hardware diagnostics is your first action to be followed.
  • Examining the Windows NT log as well as checking Application log to understand the cause behind the error, if it is connected to any hardware failure.
  • Fixing the hardware concern, fix it as soon as possible.
  • Persistance of the problem can be eliminate with swapping hardware parts.
  • If write caching is enabled make it disable for your Disk controller.
  • If the problem still lies, then reinstall the operating system.

Other Operations To Fix SQL Error 2574

  • If this problem is not due to hardware concerns, then restoring database from clean and valid backup will be beneficiary action to be executed.
  • If you are not having the proper backup of SQL database, then you need to opt DBCC CHECKDB command with which you can come up to the exact cause of corruption. Afterwards it is recommended to opt out the proper recovery clauses to fix the error.

Note: If you are not sure about usage of DBCC CHECKDB as you are not aware about clauses, then never move on with any recovery clause. You should contact to SQL support executive.

Commercial Solution To Fix The Error

If the problem still exists, the best alternative to eliminate SQL server error 2574 is professional third party software. SQL Server database recovery is one of the highly used powerful utility to fix the SQL errors. Within few seconds, the tool will easily resolve the error and will let you access entire SQL database information.

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