SQL Error 3403 – Causes And Resolution

Microsoft SQL Server is relational database program popularly used to manage programs that require heavy transaction processing, management of content and business applications. Because of features like high security, measurability and functioning, SQL Server is choice by most of IT users and clustered servers. But sometimes, SQL Server database gets affected and flash error message like "SQL error 3403" on screen. Due to this error message all SQL database becomes inaccessible and faces unplanned downtime.

"Error 3403, Severity 22 during recovery initialization, page %id was encountered. This page belongs to object %Id, not the log."

How SQL Server Error 3403 Encounters

This error mostly encounters when MS SQL Server database crashes or gets corrupt, in such case SQL Server automatically tries to fix this issue without any user interference. It will do complete scan of transaction logs from the first page to last page and if details of syslogs do not match to the object ID of file then SQL error 3403 flashes. Below mentioned are few reasons for this error:

  • Resulting of SQL Server problem in bad writing or page allocation
  • When user updates the allocation page and before saving these changes to transaction log the database crashed. Next time when you log in to server, the SQL database rebuilt itself by running those transaction log files. Due to these files SQL Server database goes in inconsistent mode.

Fix MS SQL Error 3403

To deal with this error, retrieve data from latest backup is good option. To restore data from SQL backup files follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Drop the SQL Server database >> Create a database for load (Make sure that database files you create are of size that matches to values saved in Sysusages).
  • Load the SQL Server database files from backup and use online database command to allow the available files for use.

Alternate Solution

If you don't have backup in such case you can use professional third party solution like SQL server MDF file recovery. The utility is built-in with latest recovery techniques to extract data from damaged files and make them accessible to users. Basically, it is three step process i.e. Select, Scan and Save SQL files into location of your choice. Software carries an exclusive scanning system for the selected SQL files and also helps in previewing all contents with details.

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