SQL Error 3414 – Consequences And Resolution

SQL server service not starting error 3414 is an error that occurs during log-in/start-up time while automatic recovery for SQL database is not completed successfully. Extended form of the error encountered with SQL Server database is as follows:

"Error 3414, Severity: 21, State: 1"
"Database '%.*s' (dbid %d): Recovery failed. Check the SQL Server errorlog for further information as to the cause".

Note: Description of the error can be found in Event Log or ERRORLOG entry of the Server, when the database attempts recovery process and fails to do so.

Reasons Responsible For SQL Server Error 3414

When SQL Server finds it difficult to recuperate scheduled database from suspicious situation, the aforesaid error occurs. It is quite not possible to work with database smoothly until the root-cause responsible for error message is fixed properly.

So, if the database recovery from SQL Error 3414 fails, it will update both 'SQL Server Management Studio' and 'sys.databases.state_desc' column status as 'SUSPECT'. If the database set on 'SUSPECT' status, is attempted to open or read out; may lead to further errors.

To determine the reason behind recovery failure, error log needs to be examined. It will help collecting information on errors that may have occurred prior to occurrence of SQL server error code 3414, and to prevent any further errors from arising.

Resolving SQL Server Start Error 3414

The appeared error message offers two options;

  • "Diagnose recovery error and fix them"
  • "Restore from a known good backup"

However, to resolve the situation, the option to restore from a backup is a good practice in such cases but if it's not possible; you may try the following options:

  • Use Database Console Commands, preferably 'emergency repair' process offered by DBCC CHECKDB.
  • Copy recoverable or healthy data to another database.

Note: Through above mentioned method, the operational consistency is not guaranteed.

If the methods discussed above do not help you in recovering database, the chances are that some of the MDF or NDF files may have got damaged or inaccessible. Moreover, consistency among data is not guaranteed while recovering data through manual procedures. In that case, you can easily recover inaccessible files via utilizing a third party tool.

Tip: If database is set as SUSPECT, the following solution can be applied to recover data from the database.

Alternate Solution to Fix microsoft SQL Server Error 3414

One amongst these available solutions is third party tool that efficiently recover SQL database out of corrupted files, tables, stored procedures, views, functions, rules, triggers; maintaining the integrity and security of data. The tool not only recovers SUSPECT databases but also recovers damaged and deleted data. It offers you to get rid of the SQL error 3414 along with several other errors encountered by SQL Server.

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