Microsoft SQL Server Error 5242

While executing internal operations on database if the integrated pages show structural inconsistencies; it confirms the occurrence of SQL fatal error 5242. The error message that defines the reasons behind the occurrence of this error appears similar to the following:

"An inconsistency was detected during an internal operation in database '%.*ls'(ID: %d) on page %S_PGID. Please contact technical support. Reference number % ld."

There is no direct cause detected that result in the structural inconsistency of SQL database pages. Therefore, variety of workaround methods is recommended and can be implemented to get rid of the issue.

  • Detect Hardware Failure:The Hardware Diagnostics Check can be performed on machine to ensure that all the proposed hardware components are working appropriately. If any discrepancies are found, the particular affected component can be replaced or repaired accordingly.

Hardware failure can also be detected by examining Windows Application logs or via carefully studying SQL Server Event Log. Log examination is the most accurate and quick source of detecting hardware or software failure.

Final preventive measure can requires replacing or switching the hardware component, this might demand running disk formatting operation. Additionally, this might calls for re-installing the respective Operating System.

  • Backup Restoration: Restoring data components from known clean backup is considered as the most preferred resolution measure. Data restoration from most recent backup files results in maximum recovery. Complete database restoration can be done except the data components that is been added up after the last backup operation is executed.
  • DBCC Implementation: Complex, yet the only solution left is DBCC execution, if all the above said operations fail to fix SQL Server error 5242. In the lack of availability of backup files, initially, run DBCC CHECKDB without any repair clause. This will help determining the extent of corruption in database files and in result, recommends the repair clause as per corruption intensity.

Second step involves running the proposed command with suggested repair clause. This is done to execute logical and physical consistency check on all the incorporated SQL database objects. Running Database Console Commands might result in rectification and removal of the SQL Server warning fatal error 5242.

Alternate Solution To Fix SQL Structural Inconsistency Error

If the above mentioned rectification measures fails to fix Microsoft SQL error 5242, than you can take the help of third party utility like SQL recovery to get access to the lost data. Corrupted as well as deleted data can be recovered in few clicks without spending hours in the recovery procedure.

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