SQL Error 8927: Discussion And Solution

An error in SQL Server simply shows that you need to perform recovery of SQL file so; you can make the database accessible again. When SQL server error 8927 comes across to SQL users then, it is required to resolve the issue intelligently otherwise there may be chances of complete data loss.

Severity Level 16
Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID: The ghosted record count (HG_COUNT) in the header does not match the number of ghosted records (G_COUNT) found on page P_ID.

Cause of SQL Server Error Code 8927

When the total number of host records for number of tables for a specific SQL databases is not available as per expected number then, it will show SQL error 8927. This error may come along with 8919 message that further creates new issues.

What To Do When SQL Error 8927 Is There?

  • First action to be implemented is hardware check: make hardware diagnostics and if you found any failure there then, replace the hardware to resolve the issue properly. Caching issues may also confronted by SQL users when there is some problem in hardware.
  • Second action you can opt is restore database from valid database backup. The process should be followed if you do have clean backup files.
  • If both of above actions will not help then, you need to use DBCC CHECKDB with a proper repair clause so you can get back SQL databases in healthy manner.

Note: If you are not sure about how to work with DBCC CHECKDB towards assured recovery of SQL databases then, you are not forced to make it by own. You can ask for technical experts to do it for you. Improper handling of this task may show you SQL header corruption.

Fortunate Way To Fix The Error Message

Recovery of database that became damaged due to SQL error 8927 is possible with the use of SQL recovery software that is designed via implementation of multiple techniques with which one can get all elements back from unhealthy SQL Server databases.

Dual scanning modes within this tool are for fluent revival of database. At the other end, one can gain selective SQL database export as per personal needs. Recovery MDF and NDF database file is also possible with this tool.

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