SQL Error 8930 Illumination

In enterprise environment for handling huge amount of data, the use of SQL Server is dominant. These enterprise data are bulky databases, so the usage may leads to the corruption of the database which in turn give rise to errors. SQL support DBCC CHECKDB repair option to recover the lost data but some error leads to the failure of the command from recovering data. Sometimes user attempt to run inbuilt utility which due to corruption tend to show error 8930 which will display like this.

“Table error: Object ID O_ID1, index ID I_ID1 cross-object chain linkage. Page P_ID1 points to P_ID2 in object ID O_ID2, index ID I_ID2.”

Source of the Occurrence

SQL Server error 8930 is one the error which is responsible for the failure of DBCC CHECKDB command. The error is caused due to the incorrect page ID reference, such as shown in the error message displayed above that is P_IDI page refers to P_ID2. Also sometimes hardware malfunctioning, improper functioning of applications, corruption in page header and virus attacks can cause error 8930 to occur.

Physical Elucidations for Solving Error

At the time of occurrence of this error message certain steps can be used to resolve the error which are addressed below.

Diagnose Hardware:- Basic motto here is to fix the hardware related failure. For this purpose Hardware diagnostic should be performed on the hardware and fix the error. Also Microsoft Window NT system, Error logs of SQL Server and Logs of applications should also be examined to analysis the hardware related failure. Hardware device swapping can also be done to minimize the problem and the user can switch for re-installation of the Operating System and re-formatting of the disk.

Backup Restoration:- If the user have an updated backup of the database, he/she can retrieve or restore the data from that backup. Most of the time the problem arises that the user didn’t have a full back-up or the backup files are also corrupted.

Use DBCC CHECKDB Command:- SQL support an inbuilt utility referred as DBCC CHECKDB, for the repair purpose. This repair command with appropriate repair clause can be used for database repair. But with this consistency error window will appear and repair of data will not take place.

A Declared Alternative Solution

The above mention manual options are helpful and most of the time prove to be a good solution. But with the increase in database sizes the complexity levels of the databases are increasing making them susceptible towards the corruption and we cannot deny this fact that the data stored in them are of huge importance. So opting for a better and a declared tool for the database recovery will be a clever solution. Third party tool can be a helpful one to repair SQL database file without any loss of data.

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