How to Tackle With SQL Database Error 8944

Microsoft SQL server is a Relational Database Management System and is utilized in many mid-scaled and major organizations. Despite of its advantages and features, its management is difficult. If the server and databases if not maintained properly, it can create hindrances in your work flow. It is observed that when you try to access the database, SQL server error 8944 is flashed and this restricts you from accessing the database. This blog will explain the reason, details and solutions with respect to such errors.

What SQL Error 8944 Exactly Is?

As mentioned above, this error is generated while accessing SQL database. An error message like below is thrown and it clearly explains that the database has some internal issues with it. This error appears like below;

Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID, row ROW_ID. Record check (CHECK_TEXT) failed. Values are VALUE1 and VALUE2.

The error message signals that a record has failed to audit as there was damages in the record header. You can view the error where string in TEST points to the actual test which has been failed. VAL1 and VAL2 however depend on the error state.

What Can Cause SQL Server Error 8944?

  • If while running SQL Server database, your system shuts down or closes down suddenly, it can cause damages to SQL database.
  • If your File System Structure has been corrupted, it can also directly damage your SQL database.
  • Hardware issues can damage the header pointers of files within the system including SQL databases. This can also cause it to flash SQL errors 8944.
  • It is also quite possible that the index or header of SQL database is corrupted which is causing this error.

How to Make SQL Database Functional?

Step 1: Resolve Hardware Issues

  • Check if there are any hardware issues which are corrupting the SQL databases.
  • Also check for the application logs and SQL server error log if any error is generated because of any hardware issue.
  • Make sure that your system is not having Write-enabled on disk controller.
  • Reinstall the OS and reformat disk drives to solve SQL error 8944.

Step 2: Get Database From Backup

  • In case hardware is not causing this error, you can get back the database from SQL backup.
  • Try to restore most recent SQL backup so that there is no data missing from database.


  • Backup unavailability can again put you in huge trouble.
  • If you do not have updated backup with you, execute DBCC CHECKDB to repair database.

In case this SQL error 8944 persists to appear despite of all these steps, then it is likely to happen that the database has severe corruptions and its headers might have got damaged too. In that case you can take help of a third party solution which will help you to repair SQL database file and access it without any errors.

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