SQL Error 8959: Inconsistent Index IDs

Database play a very important role in Organisations for various purposes. SQL database is the one which is widely used in this sectors for its various features. But there are times when users faces some kind of errors while operating the database. One of them is being discussed here. SQL Server error 8959 is associated with IAM (Index Allocation Map) pages of SQL Server database. This error appears in three distinct states and looks similar to the following statement:

IAM page P_ID1 for object ID O_ID1, index ID I_ID1 is linked in the IAM chain for object ID O_ID2, index ID I_ID2 by page P_ID2.

Expaination - The Index ID for all existing IAM pages in an Index must be same. The above stated error message takes place if there are inconsistencies reported in the index IDs of the IAM pages.

Resolution Methods To Fix SQL Error 8959

  • Monitor Hardware Components: The specified error message may have taken place due to improper functionality of any of the hardware elements. Running Hardware Diagnostics Check can help monitoring system health and further actions can be taken accordingly.

Using this troubleshoot method, the accurate hardware component(s) that might be responsible for the occurrence of this error can be detected. Afterwards, the detected component can be repaired or replaced as per requirement.

  • Backup Restoration: In case, if the SQL Server error 8959 issue is not resolved by executing hardware health check, it can be restored back from the available clean backup. The most recent SQL BAK files can be used to restore database components and to continue its functionality. There are few rules that must be followed in order to restore SQL database from backup successfully:
    • Under bulk-logged or full recovery model, make sure to backup active transaction log or the tail of the log before restoring database in SQL Server Management Studio.
    • To restore encrypted database, asymmetric key or the certificate used to encrypt the database is required as it is otherwise not possible to execute restoration process.
  • DBCC Execution: In absence of backup files, try executing Database Console Commands as they might help resolving the SQL error 8959. These commands are used to run physical and logical consistency check over database components.

Initially, run DBCC CHECKDB to detect the extent of corruption. In return, it will suggest a repair clause to rectify the issue. DBCC CHECKDB can then be implemented with the recommended repair clause.

Note: Running DBCC CHECKDB with suggested repair clause might result in loss of data.

Alternate Solution To Fix The Issue

The above stated resolution methods for resolving SQL Server error 8959 must be implemented with additional attention as they might result in loss of database components. If any of the MDF or NDF file components is found to be missing during the process, MDF file recovery software can be used as an alternate solution.

The tool recovers data from the corrupted database files as well as helps restoring the recovered data back into their original structure. The items that might have deleted accidently while performing manual resolution methods can also be recovered and restored back on machine.

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