Rectifying SQL Error 8994

Sometimes, while trying to access a particular SQL database table, an error message appears on screen and restricts the user to perform any action on database table, the corresponding error message shows that the database table has become corrupted and cannot be accessed.

The resultant MS SQL Server error 8994 looks similar to following:

"Severity Level 16"
"Object ID O_ID, forwarded row page P_ID1, slot S_ID1 should be pointed to by forwarding row page P_ID2, slot S_ID2. Did not encounter forwarding row. Possible allocation error."

Eorror 8994 "Severity Level 16"
"Object ID O_ID, forwarding row page P_ID1, slot S_ID1 points to page P_ID2, slot S_ID2. Did not encounter forwarded row. Possible allocation error."

Cause Of SQL Server Error 8994

The above stated error occurs when the SQL database gets corrupted or incorrect page definition is found on database. However, MS SQL saves records in an unorganized manner prior to formation of tables. Once the database tables are created, then the data is stored in these tables in a manageable way. As a result, users sometimes face problems with the functionality of MS SQL such as denied access from database tables. Such problems occurs due to common corruption issues that includes virus infections, software conflicts, inappropriate working of hardware, sudden power failure while database is in process, etc.

Work Around for Resolving Error Code 8994

  • Hardware Testing: Inappropriate functionality of hardware is one of the causes for occurrence of this error, so ensuring correct performance of hardware components by running hardware diagnostics could help in rectifying the issue.
  • Analyzing Logs: Examine Windows system logs, application logs, SQL Server event logs to analyze if the error occurred due to any hardware failure or is there any other issue behind the cause.
  • Software Issues: Sometimes reinstalling Operating System could help in rectifying the problem. Make sure that there is no software conflicts occurs on machine that leads to occurrence of SQL server error 8994.
  • Backup Restoration: Restoring database from backup file might help in resolving error issue. It might result in making tables accessible.
  • Perform DBCC CHECKDB: Level of corruption can be determined by executing DBCC CHECKDB (without repair clause). It will recommend repair clause that can be used to resolve the problem. Further, DBCC CHECKDB can be executed with recommended repair clause to repair the corrupt database.

Note: DBCC CHECKDB identifies, analyzes and repairs widest MS SQL errors. DBCC CHECKALLOC can be executed with repair option for repairing the existing error.

Complete Solution For Fixing SQL Errors 8994

The SQL error messages can cause many consequences on the overall functionality of database. To fix the SQL errors such as SQL server error 8994, you can try SQL server MDF file recovery that helps in removing error messages and making files accessible. The tool helps in recovering all data components such as tables, stored procedures, triggers, functions, etc. from corrupt MDF and NDF files and creates new files for storing recovered data. These newly created files can be saved at user defined location on machine.

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