Microsoft SQL Server Error 906

MS SQL Server may annoy you by showing or reflecting any error when any operation is not performed in a scheduled manner. SQL error 906 is not too common but, it is confronted by 12 out of 50 SQL users worldwide as the research says. When SQL Server fails to locate any element into SQL tables for specific database, then this error will reflect on the computer screen. To know the causes and solutions for the same SQL error, you need to go with underneath given sections.

"Could not locate row in sysobjects for system catalog '%.*ls' in database '%.*ls'. This system catalog should exist in all databases. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysobjects in this database".

SQL error 906 occurs when the location as well as format of a specific table is not found in the system for the specified database. The partial, but not a complete update for SQL Server will reflect this error. Due to the improper update of SQL Server, it keeps the database in non-usable state. Adding up the SQL Server database to another instance with failed upgrade may also reflect the same issue. The Server log details will show more about the error:

Error: 5172, Severity: 16, State: 15
The header for file '%ls' is not a valid database file header. The %ls property is incorrect.

You may get the same on your computer screen when SQL error 906 is over there. And this error shows the data inconsistency issues.

Required Actions Followed By Users When Error Comes

  • Due to failed upgrade if the error knocked your door, then perform database restore with valid backup and afterwards try to upgrade.
  • Hardware diagnostics should perform if the first process does not work, if any failure gets reflected one should try to resolve it.
  • In case the problem persists, you need to swap the hardware part due to which the issue arose.
  • Check if disk controller has no write caching permissions.
  • Disk reforming and reinstalling operating system tasks should also execute by user.
  • If the hardware concern is not all about for which you are worried, then a quick restore from clean backup is essential to perform.
  • If you do not have backup with which you can get the healthy data, then go with DBCC CHECKDB but don't include the repair clause to know about the reason behind SQL error 906. Once you are sure about reason, you can proceed with the desired repair clause.

Note: If you are not sure about usage of DBCC CHECKDB , then don't try to do it by own.

Alternate Solution To Fix SQL Error Code 906

If the problem is not resolved after a long time investment as well as your efforts are also not proved worthy, then SQL database recovery is a best alternative that will surely resolve the concern. This tool assists to recover damaged SQL files as well as eliminate various SQL errors like SQL error 906. Once the error will get resolved, the tool will resolve the inaccessibility concerns from SQL files and associated elements.

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