Table Partition Error: Occurrence And Solution

SQL Server table partitioning feature is commonly used to enforce a sliding window. For executing this database table is partitioned from data column, it allow users to effectively access database assign in given date range. With the help of this option users can drop the old data from specific table to another table by using 'Switch' option.

Adding large number of data into present database table and performing index building operations on the other table makes work much easier than loading all data in single table. To avoid these issues users generally, do partition of tables that matches the same schema for each field. If incase the schema for such tables does not match to each other it will display Table Partition Error

Table error 8984: object ID %d, index ID %d, partition ID %I64d. A row should be on partition number %d but was found in partition number %d. Possible extra or invalid keys.

Table Error 8988: Row (%d:%d:%d) identified by (%ls)

After these tables are created, users use command prompt to keep a record to assure consistency of tables. 'DBCC CHECKTABLE' command is run by users to check working of partition tables and in case while using these commands they are prompted with table partition errors, most probably you have corrupt table. If you have corrupt table databases you won't be able to access your data and need for backup comes in demand. If you have backup copies you can easily restore SQL data but what if you don't have backup? In case if you don't have proper backup then need for third party recovery tools comes handy.

Now let us consider a situation, suppose you have partition a table with names C and D. Both tables have same columns but you have created a clustered index on table D and drop it down to partition Table C. Afterwards, with the help of "BULK INSERT" command along with 'Tab lock' option you import all suitable data to table D. This process can make tabular database corrupt if DBCC CHECKTABLE command is used to check the consistency of that table.

Reason For Table Partition Error

The above mentioned table partition error usually appears when metadata of two partition tables does not match with each other. What happens is, when users drop the clustered value to partition Table D, its metadata values get changed. After that when users switch the partition values between those tables, the metadata of such table gets mismatched and thus results in occurrence of this error.

Fix Table Partition Error

To solve this issue manually users must run "DBCC CHECKTABLE" command with repair options and if the problem still persists then only option left is third party tool.

Alternate Solution

If users are unable to resolve table partition error occurred in MS SQL Server database files with manual procedures then commercial third party tool is useful to adopt, that is rendered to repair SQL database file after complete scanning. In addition the tool helps to repair triggers, rules, functions, tables and much more SQL file contents without any kind of data loss.

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