Chosen Item Recovery

What can be better than exportation of desired data from backup file? It serves two purposes;

And both purposes can be solved if you select the desired data items to be extracted. And the tool provides you the same as it lets you select the needed data items from different components like Triggers, Rules, Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, etc.

This option can be used for both type of export options; SQL Server database and SQL server compatible scripts. This option will surely help many of you who do not want to restore full file and want to restore selective data items. Chosen item recovery can be done following the below mentioned steps.

How to Perform Selective Data Export

selective data recovery

As soon as your file gets loaded and scanned, you get the preview of all the elements. After clicking on "Export" you will get another window of export options to select the mode of extraction. Along with this, in the left pane you get a tree like structure with all the components of the SQL database mentioned in it such as; Stored Procedures, Views, Tables, Triggers, etc. You will also see a checkbox in front of it which is checked in default. This means that all the components will be exported in default. But in case you want chosen item recovery and extraction then you can use this option and check only the desired data items. This will avoid extraction of unnecessary data which is not required in future.