Analysis & Preview Of LDF File

LDFs are amongst the various types of files created by Microsoft SQL Server. Log files (.ldf) are intended to keep track of transactions made by user on an SQL Server database.

Whether a query has been inserted or dropped, log files for their respective databases maintain a record for each user action on the DB. Log files are quite important to keep users updated with the activities carried out on their database. But they aren't generally exposed for the usage by DB admins or end users.

Viewing Log On SQL Server: The most direct and possible method that SQL offers for allowing an end user to see what the log file consists of is via using the DBCC LOG command. Command line used with a specified parameter for desired output will let users view details according to their requirement.

Analysis Of File Towards Recovery Purpose

DBCC LOG command line can only let you view the transactions carried out on your database but it won't let you use the transaction details to recover associated database from a corrupt state via its transaction details.

Sounds unusual, but this is something that is actually offered by the the tool. For shortening the recovery process, the discussed tool is suggested for usage.