Auto Detect Associated MDF File From Location

SQL database remains active unless it has been detached from the Server. To process your database on any application other than SQL Server, it is necessary to detach the database from Server.

NOTE: Ensure that a duplicate copy of the primary database is being used when processing it on an application to avoid permanent loss in case of any mishap.

The tool offers recovery of database through its associated log file. In order to do so, the user is supposed to load the log file on the software to which software will auto detect associated MDF file.

NOTE: For the associated MDF file to be auto detected it is necessary that its location be the same as that of the LDF file.

Ensure Common Local Storage Location

To store both the database file i.e. LDF as well as MDF at a common location for auto-detection feature to work; follow the below mentioned procedure:

NOTE: SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is used here.

Detach Database

TIP: Right click on the database and click on properties. On the left portion of the menu click Files to view the path. Click CTRL + C to copy this path.

database properties

detach database

locate database

Copy Database To A New Location

It is highly recommended that the database be copied and moved from one location to another as this may be damaging in two different ways:

Auto Detect MDF File

When you are done copying the SQL database, get the tool running and recover data file with auto detection feature.

locate database