Get File Elements In Different Order

Basic function of the tool is to let users analyze the data entries made in master database using its transaction log file. To analyze this data our tool shows details of operations like Insert, Update, and Delete with related information of it like transaction name, time, query, and table name. In spite of all these provision what if you are not able to get what you want and are confused within different transactions made? To solve this problem we have included feature of order for better sorting.

Need for Better Sorting of Data

Whenever you need to analyze any particular data model with different types of details under some headings, a better sorting is extremely necessary so as to discover and extract useful information but if the data is not presented in noteworthy format the task becomes little difficult and time consuming. How data is presented in front of you is very important when you have to do the analysis of that data. And that is why our software is acquainted with this option to provide order for better sorting.

How to Perform This Data Sorting

This auto sorting option is available for you with both demo and full version and is utilized by clicking the small triangular check option provided to various details. This will rearrange the table fields according to the data selected.

sort sql log data

Transaction Name: If you only want to check a particular transaction like DELETE collectively then choose this option and sort all the entries according to transaction names. This will help you to categorize the type of transactions and work on it.

Table Name: If there are data displayed for 3 tables, then select this option for sorting. Then sequence will be; Table 1 transactions then Table 2 transactions and then Table 3 transaction will be shown.

Time: If you want to sort the transactions according to time it was performed. This will help you if you want to figure out number of transactions made in between particular time period.

Query: If you want to analyze the data as per queries then this option can be chosen which will arrange data accordingly.

As you select any particular transaction the software will display below further details of that transaction such as; class, id, name and status. So once you fetch the important transaction detail which you were searching, you can select it and see further details of it.

Utilize This Option for Classified Data View

Software has many features to make the data representable and you can easily examine and also recover the database using same tool. This option is also a unique feature which classifies the data fields as per your need so avail benefits of it in order for better sorting and much better analysis.