Selective Table Export

SQL Server for any version has its own facilities to store and backup databases. There are different elements and attributes of SQL Server that do not change for any edition. Tables are backbone of SQL Server in which various details get saved that can be joined with other tables.

Due to some unforeseen and uncertain problems when any database becomes inaccessible then users gets started to work towards recovery of entire database instead of thinking there may be minor transaction failure. Examining log for different tables is the suggested way with which one can recognize the origin of problem. If the issue is risen up from particular table then, selective table export for further recovery will be beneficiary option.

Recover Damaged Or Corrupt Tables

Inaccessibility of data files is a big annoying concern for SQL project managers and associates working along. The bad affect of database corruption is wastage of time into recovery of entire database. If there will be any way with which it can examined that where exactly a failure executed then, one can save time and efforts.

Selective table export option with this tool lets users export the associated table of LDF file if any issue is found for specific or selected tables. This is for all who have urgent need to examine log for failed transactions so they can easily move on for recovery of respected files.

export sql log file data