Dual Scan Modes

The software has specialization to recover data files. To help extracting database and its objects from damaged file, there are two scanning options integrated with the tool:

How Scanning Modes Help to Extract Data

Recovering data from a corrupt file depends upon number of factors. For example: Size of file, extent of corruption/inconsistency, what type of data is being stored in file etc. Understanding different concerns involved in database recovery, the software is designed with dual scanning options. Here is a discussion on which one to choose and why?

Quick Scan: The option helps in scenarios where size of database is not large. It will do one-phase scanning over the selected file and extract data (tables, stored procedures, views, schemas, triggers etc) from it.


  • A quick preview of file data will be available
  • Helpful when file data extraction is the aim to use the tool


  • If file is corrupt or in-consistent, it might skip some objects

Advance Scan: This option assures complete recovery from system database files. Software will scan file thoroughly if this mode is selected.


  • Full recovery is assured in spite of size of database or extent of corruption
  • Recover file if its accessibility is restricted by error messages


  • Scanning process will take time as compared to Quick Scan

Recommendation: It is suggested to choose Advance Scan option as in any case it assures full data retrieval.