Accomplish Elements Recovery

When SQL Server is concerned; the term Objects is used to refer elements of a database. Basically the different types of components that combine to form an entire SQL Server database file are its elements i.e. the objects.

There are a variety of elements that form an SQL Server database some of which have been listed below:

  • Journals And Journal Receivers: For recording any kind of modifications made in the views or tables of a database.
  • Stored Procedures: Is a program or function called using the statement: SQL CALL.
  • Catalogs: An assemblage of views or tables which accounts other elements like; triggers, procedures, tables, etc.
  • Tables / Rows / Columns: A two dimensional or tabular placement of SQL data consisting of rows and columns.
  • Schemas: Offers the logical grouping of objects in SQL Server. Consists of journal, library, catalog, etc.
  • Triggers: A collection of actions that are set to run immediately after an even has taken place within a defined base table. The even could be update, insert or delete operation.
  • Constraints: Rules that are enforced by a database manager for limiting values which could either be deleted, inserted or updated within a Table.
  • Indexes: A logical file that is keyed and is a subset of data stored within columns of a table arranged logically in either of the two orders; ascending or descending.
  • Views: A logical representation with no data of a number of table on which it has been created but appears like a table to a program.

Listed above are the objects aka elements of an SQL Server database without which, there would be no database.

Elements Recovery Of SQL Server Database

However, the significance of these objects is not discussed simply for the sake of informational purpose but, has practically been experienced by a lot of users.

TIP: Try using a database with a damaged table or a table consisting of a deleted page and you will know it yourself.

What Can Be Done?

In circumstances like these, an MDF file simply loses its integrity which leads to the inaccessibility of respective database. And if you too are experiencing discussed object losses, then use of this software for performing elemental recovery of your database is highly suggestive for the tool's supreme quality of accomplishing the task with no compromises.