Selective Export Option

System-database file is made up various logical components like tables, views, stored procedure, user-defined functions, keys etc. When recovery is processed using the software, all objects of the database are recovered. Meanwhile, it's not necessary that a user will need all components.

Understanding this requirement, the utility is customized for exporting database components that allows moving selected part of file. The software allows exporting recovered file directly to SQL Server or to SQL compatible scripts.

How To Select File Components for Export?

Once the file scanning process is complete, software gives the facility to export database to live SQL Server or to compatible SQL scripts (if Server is not available). Meanwhile, if the user has demand to export few components from data file, then it is made possible through the tool.

From the bottom-left panel of the tool, use the check-boxes in order to select the objects to be exported. The objects filtering can be done for stored procedures, tables, views, and other components. Such options within the tool not only filter desired data from huge sized database but also save time.

Export Selected SQL Items