Quick Password Reset– The Apt Way You Want

SQL Server that is used by most of the organizations and individuals has a powerful ability to keep the database from prying eyes that is called as password protection. Two types of passwords can apply on SQL databases; one is SA password and second is Windows authentication password.

SA password is a facility that can acquired when user have opted Mixed mode authentication. SA password basically generated when SQL Server authentication is chosen but it also works under mixed mode authentication.

Under Windows authentication mode same SA password gets generated but, it will be in disable mode. SA passwords are targeted by intruders and that is why Windows authentication is highly recommended. Due to some pros and cons both of these Server authentication passwords have distinct range of users.

Why Distinct Passwords Into SQL Server?

Facility to reset password for Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication through our software is really helpful to move with safe and protected databases. To know more about attributes of SQL Server passwords you can check out below mentioned sections: