SQL Error 5235: Discussion and Resolution

SQL Server error 5235 occurs if an unexpected interruption or termination of a running operation takes place. The error message serves as a summary report that is recorded to the SQL error log by then executed Database Console Commands (DBCC) whenever above stated situation occurs. The above mentioned error when displayed on screen resembles to the following:

[EMERGENCY] DBCC DBCC_COMMAND_DETAILS executed by USER_NAME terminated abnormally due to error state ERROR_STATE. Elapsed time: HOURS hours MINUTES minutes SECONDS seconds.

There are different 'State' displayed by this error and each has been described in this section along with its corresponding resolution:

Error 5235 State 0: The termination of statement occurred due to existence of high level corruption issue in metadata. The error message with State 0 may be accompanied by SQL Error 8930.

Resolution: If the message appears with this state, it can be recovered by restoring database from known clean backup.

Error 5235 State 1: If the statement is terminated due to failure of check performed on internal database to ensure its integrity, State 1 will be appeared in the error message. The error may occur along with SQL error 8967.

Resolution: This state of error can be resolved by contacting the Support Staff or Microsoft Technical Team as it requires expertise to resolve the issue.

Error 5235 State 2: This may occur due to the failure of checks executed by "system tables" to ensure the integrity of "storage engine system tables". This error may occur along with some instances of SQL error 7988, 7987, 7986, 7985 and 7984.

Resolution: The error occurred with this state can be resolved by restoring SQL Server database from backup file.

Error 5235 State 3: If after rebuilding transaction logs, the database deny start up request; and as a result the DBCC execution with "emergency_ mode" repair failed, this state is displayed leading to SQL database error 7909.

Resolution: As this error message cannot be repaired using DBCC, it is recommended to repair it by restoring it from backup so as to maintain the integrity of the database components.

Error 5235 State 4: If while executing a particular DBCC command, any unauthorized user tries to access the restricted database, the above-said state take place.

Resolution: As the error with state 4 occurred due to violation of authorities, it is recommended to take assistance of Customer Service & Support to resolve the issue.

Error 5235 State 5: This state of error occurs if the Database Console Command (DBCC) is terminated unexpectedly due to an unknown failure or indefinite factor.

Resolution: To resolve the issue, try running the same DBCC command again and if the existing problem seems to be continued, contact the Microsoft Support Staff for resolution.

Alternate Solution to Resolve SQL Server Error 5235 Distinct State(s)

DBCC commands are executed to detect the physical as well as logical inconsistency of databases. When DBCC commands are executed without any specified repair clause it displays the appropriate repair switch as an output. And afterwards, when the command is again executed with the prescribed clause the SQL error message may be removed but sometimes these commands results in loss of data.

Therefore, MDF file recovery software can be used as a simplified solution to recover databases in an instant and convenient manner. The tool not only helps in recovering MDF and NDF files but also helps in restoring the recovered files in SQL Server database or SQL Server compatible scripts.

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