SQL Server Database Decryption Tool

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Remove encryption from SQL Server stored procedure, triggers, views, functions etc.

  • Decrypts SQL database encryption by removing it.
  • Supports Windows and SQL Server authentication.
  • Displays preview of decrypted SQL database file.
  • Exports decrypted data to SQL Server and SQL script.
  • Decrypt SQL server data of any size.
  • Dedicated Admin Connection is required to run Application.
  • Supports all the versions of SQL Server including 2019.

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Features Galore Of SQL Decryptor Software


Decrypt Encrypted Database

SQL server database decryption tool is arranged with the aim to change the encrypted SQL databases into decrypted format without altering the basic structure and internal attributes of selected SQL databases.Learn More


Permits Viewing SQL Data

Once this tool comes out from login mode SQL databases get loaded for having clear and closer vision of scripts, triggers, functions, stored procedures, views etc. that raises confident about SQL database decryption.Learn More


Support Both Authentications

Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication, both of these authentications are supported by this advance SQL decryptor tool for decrypting the protected or encrypted SQL server databases objects.Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with the high potential of techniques packed within this software, SQL users can get decrypted SQL databases without any alteration into internal structure of SQL files.
Yes, this tool requires live SQL environment to remove encryption from SQL Server database.
SQL server decryption tool only shows the preview of encrypted database objects.
Yes, the SQL Server decryption software allows users to export decrypted database file to SQL server database or you can export into SQL script.
Yes, SQL decryptor software is Windows based utility and can be installed on Windows 8 and all the below versions (32 & 64 bit versions).