Needs SQL Live Connection

SQL Server dedicated to let the users manage huge amount of information in a defined format. It has facility to encrypt the database so user can keep away prying eyes. Undoubtedly, as encryption is useful at the other end it can annoy when SQL users in urgent need of working with SQL files.

At such times, it is desired to have a trustworthy and unfailing way with which encryption can removed from database and its related elements. To remove encryption it is suggested to use tested and dedicated application. The solution should have a benefit of removing encryption without making SQL Server dead. Means the application that needs SQL live connection should be adopted if users do not want to halt other operations running in database.

live sql server connection

Keep SQL Alive When Removing Encryption

For managing safety of SQL files, if you are in practice of applying encryption into entire or selected databases then, you may come up to the situation where you need to perform decryption.

Using professional help in such cases is best idea and if the tool needs live connection then, you will not to stop any operation running at backend. With our software you can perform the same task regardless of getting worried about stopping SQL Server that will further irritate you by making halt in other operation.

"Needs SQL Live Connection" with this option user can go for decryption from selected files. Once the file is loaded, user need to disconnect that file for few moments till the process of de-encryption is executing.