Microsoft SQL Server: Problems & Solutions

attach sql database

Attach MDF File Database in SQL Server Management Studio

In this decade of advance technology the availability and usability of optional resources increases day by day and for this Microsoft launched its SQL Server enhanced versions which are easy to handle and maintains SQL database with strong desirability and reliability to provide more comfort to their users. Users created database to maintain information and specific data which was very crucial for him and they need to store their database to the SQL Server in term of security and safety point of view.

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create backup and restore

Create Backup and Restore in Microsoft SQL Server

There is described manual steps to create backup database (.bak file) in SQL Server Management studio & how to restore backup BAK (.bak) in SQL Server. If you want to know how to backup and restore procedure is carried out in SQL Management studio for MDF file database then user need to follow given below following steps:

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shrink log file

How to Shrink SQL Server Log (.ldf) File?

Memory allocation is an act of managing database files with consistency so that whenever the requirement of database files occurs they can be invoke and frequently available for performing I/O operations. The SQL database files storage space is partitioned into sequential pages whereas page is the unit of SQL Server I/O operation and each page size is 8 kb.

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sql server page level corruption

How to Resolve SQL Server Page Level Corruption Issue?

As you know that the Page is the elementary unit of the SQL Server and it stores SQL database files in the form of sequential pages. SQL Server databases have 128 pages per megabyte and the size of each page consists of 8 KB of storage. Memory allocated to SQL files whether it is MDF or NDF file is partitioned into 0 to n number of pages. So the task related to Input and output executed at page level.

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suspect sql database recovery

SQL Server Suspect Database Recovery Solution

Sometimes, we come across numerous critical situations like when SQL Server database go into suspect mode. During that moment, you cannot work on the database as database go into suspect mode because primary file group get damaged and database fails to recover during the start of SQL Server.

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fix sql error 3154

How to Fix SQL Server Error 3154?

This SQL server error 3154 can make you think that your SQL database has been lost forever as the only hope left to fetch back the lost database was this backup and now this backup file too is showing errors.

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sql error 18456

How to Fix SQL Server Login Failed Error

Sometimes when we try to connect to MS SQL Server database, it does not connect and throws up an error that says: This error is received when connection request is being sent to Server but due to some reasons it is not able to accept it. You can determine the true reason for this failure, by checkout server's error log where corresponding entries are maintained.

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sql error 8942

How to Fix SQL Error 8942?

The concept of SQL that is called as structured query language came to offer ease to extract expected results from all the relational databases. Unfortunately improper handling and unwanted actions while using MS SQL Server may create havoc situations. And at such times, one can get Error 8942 that is really common.

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